1. Introduction
2. What can Audio Mid Recorder do?
3. Recording Tutorial
4. Main Interface
5. Options Setting
6. Using Schedule
7. Using Wizard
8. Using ID3 Tag Editor

MP3 Setting

Select the quality of encoding. The higher Frequency means highter quality but with a larger file size. We recommend 44100Khz - CD-audio quality.
 The number of channels in the audio file. We recommend Stereo mode for best quality.
 The number of bits per sample in the audio file. We recommend 128 Kbps.
Sound Quality
Quality comparable to or better than
16 Kbps8 KHzShortwave Radio
32 Kbps16 KHzAM Radio
96 Kbps22 KHzFM Radio
128 Kbps44 KHzNear CD
192 Kbps48 KHzPerceptual Transparency
256 Kbps95 KHzStudio

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