1. Introduction
2. What can Audio Mid Recorder do?
3. Recording Tutorial
4. Main Interface
5. Options Setting
6. Using Schedule
7. Using Wizard
8. Using ID3 Tag Editor

Recording Source

Select Record Device:

This screen lists all recording devices which your sound card supports--Stereo Mixer, Mono Mixer, Microphone, Line In, TV Turner Audio, Aux, CD Player, and so on. The list of devices is taken from the sound card driver on your computer so the device names you see may vary. Select the device you wish to record from.

  • 1. Record Audio from Windows Audio Resource - Audio from Windows Media Player,
  • Winamp, RealOne Player,QuickTime Player, WinDVD Players, Streaming Internet audio, Games, Flash, please select the "Stereo Mixer" which might appear as "Stereo Mix", "What U hear", "Output", "Mixer", "Wave".
  • 2. Record Audio from Microphone, please select "Microphone"
  • 3. Record Audio from External Audio Sources - Turntable, Walkman, Discman, Tape Player, Videotape, Cassette Tape, CD/DVD Players etc, please select "Line In"
  • 4. Record Audio from TV Tuner, please select "TV Tuner Audio


Adjust the balance (input) of recording here, left or right.



Adjust the volume (input) of recording here. For best quality you must also adjust the output volume. Click the sound icon in the desktop tray bar and adjust the output volume.

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