1. Introduction
2. What can Audio Mid Recorder do?
3. Recording Tutorial
4. Main Interface
5. Options Setting
6. Using Schedule
7. Using Wizard
8. Using ID3 Tag Editor

Registration Interface

 Audio Mid Recorder is shareware, you can record only 60 seconds in the free trail version. If you want to record for unlimited time, please register it. The registration fee is only $29.95.
 Audio Mid is distributed as demo versions. After purchasing a license, you will receive a registration code. By entering this registration code into the demo program, you change the demo to a fully functional program that will work forever without the limitations of the demo version. If you want to purchase a program but have no demo version, you need to download one first, then order a license and, after receiving your registration code, enter it into the demo version as described in the online help of the program.
 After the order is completed, you will received a registration email, if you did't received the registration code in time, or lost your registration code, please click the following link to get your code

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